Techniques With Liquids

Drink before attempting to swallow the pill. Taking a few sips of water prior to attempting to swallow a pill can hydrate the throat and make it easier to swallow the pill. Tablets and capsules are harder to swallow when the child’s mouth is dry, which often happens when they are sick.

Use cool, never hot, liquids. Washing down a pill with hot or warm liquids may cause it to dissolve before it gets to the stomach where it can be absorbed.

Try carbonated beverages. Sometimes swallowing pills with an ice-cold carbonated beverage (e.g., ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, sparkling water) can aid in transporting pills quickly and help with swallowing.

You could give your child different liquids such as a milkshake or a yogurt drink to take the pills with. Thicker drinks slow down swallowing and make the pill less likely to separate from the liquid. [Gogurt Method Video]

Let the pill float. Adding a pill to water or other liquid being held in the mouth may make pill swallowing easier.

Other Methods

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