Barriers and Obstacles to Pill Swallowing

Many adults have trouble swallowing pills. There are a variety of reasons for this difficulty—both physical and emotional. Due to physical conditions or medical issues, you may not have the mouth and throat control to swallow a solid pill. It may also be present if you had a developmental problem that affects your ability to speak or swallow. If you cannot swallow an average mouthful of water without it dripping out of your mouth or causing coughing or gagging, the coordination of the swallow may not be possible to manage pill swallowing and training should not be initiated.

Although it is a highly unlikely scenario, the possibility of a larger medical issue does exist. The medical term for difficulty swallowing is dysphagia. If you suspect that this condition may be preventing you from swallowing, you should consult your health care provider or a speech therapist with some expertise in swallowing issues.

The good news is that if you can swallow your food without a problem, the swallowing mechanism is probably perfectly fine. The barriers to pill swallowing may be caused by lack of appropriate practice, emotional factors, and/or behavioral factors. The better news is that there are proven techniques to address each of these barriers and with patience and practice, most adults will learn the skill.

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Various Obstacles and Barriers

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